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We are providing 15 Months warranty and LHR Kelly bar will be manufactured under the supervision of experienced technical team. We are also supplying spare parts for all brand Kelly bars. 

LHR supply two types of Kelly Bars

  1. LHR Interlocking Kelly Bars

  2. LHR Friction Kelly Bars

Following machine Kelly Bars has been manufactured by LHR team since the inception of company.

Soilmec SR Kelly Bars

SR30/40/50/60/70/75/80/90/95/125/R412/R416/R620 etc

Bauer BG Kelly Bars


IMT Kelly Bars                                                         

IMT AF 80/110/120/150/180/200/240/270/300 

SANY Kelly Bars

Sany SR 155/205/220/235//250/265/285 etc

MAIT Kelly Bars

HR 40/120/130/165/180/260/300-570/420-800

Casagrande Kelly Bars


XCMG Kelly Bars, Zoomlion Kelly Bars , CSR/TEG Kelly Bars ,Sunward Kelly Bars & Customized Kelly Bars.

Kelly Guide by LHR
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