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There are always different types of adapter to drive the casings. LHR is manufacturing three types of casing drive adapters

1- Casing Drive Adapter for Double Wall Casing

It is connecting from one side to Cardan joint of the machine & the other side to Double Wall Casing segmental length.

2- Casing Drive Adapter for Normal Casing Pipe

It is connected from one side to Cardan joint of Piling Machine & other side with the Casing pipe which is having one groove & one hole for the pin.

3- Casing Drive Adapter for the Auger Drive Unit

It is special type adapter. Auger Drive Unit is mounted with excavator then this adapter having Female Square coupling to be connected with Auger Drive Unit & other with Auger & simultaneously to the casing. This adapter have Female on the upper side & Male+hole+Key on the down side.

Attached is the picture for your reference. LHR can manufacture any adapter you need either from above three types or customised design.

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