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Foundation Drilling is also called piling. There are two types of foundation system for the construction of building.

1- Shallow Foundation

2- Deep Foundation

Shallow foundation is usually applicable where high rise buildings are not required. However Deep foundation is always required when you have to construct high rise buildings.

LHR Drilling Equipment main scope of business is for Deep Foundation Drilling Projects. First step to start deep foundation drilling is to have Soil Report. Which needs a Geotechnical Investigation Machine (LHR supply this machine). It helps to find out the type of strata to drill. There are three main types;

1- Rock

2- Hard Soil

3- Soft Soil/Sand

LHR Supply all types of Foundation Drilling Tools to drill into different strata.

For the Drilling in Rock- Rock Auger, Rock Bucket, Rock Core Barrel, Conical Rock Auger with Bullet Bit (B47 or C31HD)

For drilling in Hard Soil- Hard Soil Auger, Hard Soil Bucket with Flat teeth (FZ80, FZ72, FZ100)

For Drilling in Sand- Soil Bucket, Soil Auger, Centrifugal Bucket with Soil Teeth (TL25, TL18)

LHR has all types of foundation drilling bits in stock for immediate delivery.

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