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Piling meaning in construction.

Piling is defined as being foundations that are driven or bored through the ground along a certain length of area to carry and transfer loads to soil considered to be weak in structure due to the soil conditions. The piles transfer the load to the solid ground located at a depth. Burj Khalifa foundation is also prepared with the piling works.

-Piling Work procedure depends upon the method statement. Geotechnical work is conducted for making the borehole log which helps to generate Method statement.

-Type of Piling

  • CFA - Continuous Flight Auger bored piling. LHR manufacture all types of CFA for Soilmec, Bauer, Casagrande, XCMG & customised connections.

  • Rotary bored piling. LHR is manufacturing all bored piling tools. Augers, buckets, core barrel etc. Please visit our website for more

  • Steel sheet piling.

  • Screw Piling

  • Helical Piling

  • Concrete piling

  • Driven sheet piles etc

To do piling, we must need a piling machine which is also called as Hydraulic piling Rig machine.

Piling works explained by lhr drilling equipment

Other names for piling is deep foundation drilling, foundation drilling, Bored piling, rotary piling, rotary drilling, Kelly drilling, Continuous flight auger drilling, full displacement drilling, double rotary drilling. Bauer/Soilmec/Casagrande/Commachio are supplying Piling rig machine which can do all the jobs mentioned as above. LHR Drilling Equipment can supply used piling machines for all the brands & full range of Kelly bar, drilling tools & bits for starting a piling project.

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